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Permission Slip 📝

Giving your inner child a permission slip

I just read something that touched my heart so deeply; I may never be the same again. And I received the most delightful Permission Slip.

Last night as I relax in a bubbly tub, reading Thrive by Arianna Huffington, something on page 189 jumped out and slapped me across the face.

As she talks about the importance of silence in our lives as a way for us to slow down and connect with our inner voices, she quotes the German poet/novelist Hermann Hesse.

“Ask your soul!” pleads Hesse in My Belief:

“Ask her who means freedom, whose name is love. Do not inquire of your intellect, do not search backwards through world history. Your soul will not blame you for having cared too little about politics, for having exerted yourself too little, hated your enemies too little, or too little fortified your frontiers. But she will perhaps blame you for so often having feared and fled from her demands, for never having had time to give her, your youngest and fairest child, no time to play with her, no time to listen to her song, for often having sold her for money, betrayed her for advancement… You will be neurotic and a foe to life—so says your soul—if you neglect me, and you will be destroyed if you do not turn to me with a wholly new love and concern.”

This spoke to me so profoundly that tears started rolling down my face and my head was abuzz with “YES! This was for ME! How can I share the beautiful experience of this paragraph that has come into my world and given me the permission I didn’t even know I wanted or needed?”

At my very core, the base of my soul, is a little girl.

A little girl who is deliciously lost in the world’s biggest doll store.

It is both scary and exhilarating at the same time. The possibilities seem limitless while the sense of never making it home again bring a tear to her eye. But with so much beauty around her, she has no choice but to explore. She is full of wonder.

I know I have so much more work to do with my little girl and as Hesse said, I need to give her time, and play, and listen to her song.

I struggle so hard with my voice, and always have. Even as a very tiny girl I would say to my parents, “ISSIN FACE!” I was pleading for them to “listen with their face,” meaning, “look at me and really take in what I am trying to communicate.”

Perhaps my issue isn’t’ with other people not listening to me or taking me seriously, but maybe it’s within me. Maybe I have not listened to my little girl hard enough. Perhaps she is frustrated with me.

It’s as if this one paragraph gave me a Permission Slip to find my voice, heal and play with my inner child, and continue to blissfully ignore politics as I pursue a life of making beautiful art and telling honest stories.

I do not care for politics. I have been chastised for my disdain of the noise that is politics. To me, it is just that: noise. It offends my sensibilities and upsets my strive for balance. I abhor any political climate that doesn’t involve powdery sands beneath my toes and a fresh margarita.

The way that I am finding my little change in the world is through soulful exploration, creativity, and a shift in consciousness. I give myself permission to choose love and creativity instead of fear and fighting.

And that’s just my way.

What kind of Permission Slip do you need to give yourself?


Energy Flows Where Intentions Go,

Miss Sarah B.


Sarah Blackman © 2018