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Boy Band Curls 🙅

boy band curls

The latest ladies hairstyle is driving me crazy! The way that we are curling our hair is what I like to call "Boy Band Curls." Because they twist in One Direction! After the laborious curling process and the stylish shake out, the curls look nice but once they settle, they end up melding into one big curl. It's worse than the Farrah Fawcett. At least the snazzy short layers on that style made it interesting.     It's taken me a while to master to the whole "curling while holding one end of my hair near the scalding hot wand without burning the ever living sh*t out of my fingers" thing. Enduringly I persevered and I've finally got it down. Once I can put my...

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Bitches Love Cheese 🍔

Bitches Love Cheese

I was working from home and got a lovely mid-day surprise. I heard a knock on the door and saw my soon-to-be stepdaughter, Madeline, and her friend Averie standing there. They had been walking the long trail behind our house and decided to stop by to say hi, get some water, and cool off for a bit. They both recently graduated high school and are going to college soon. I asked them how they felt about moving away and reminisced about that transitory time in my life. We talked about many things but we kept coming back to college. Madeline is off to UGA and Averie is headed to Georgia Tech. I dated a guy that went to Tech while I was at...

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The Best Sh*t Ever 💩

best sh*t ever

You know the product Poo-Pourri? The “spray before you go” preventative stank spray? Well, I booked a “modeling” job with them and they fired me. They straight up sh*t canned me. And it was the best sh*t ever. So, I am booked on a 3 half-day “modeling” gig with Poo-Pourri. I use quotations sarcastically punctuating modeling because I am simply handing out flyers redeemable for a free sample of the stuff to a slew of gift show attendees. Promotional “modeling” at it’s finest. It is the lowest paying gig of my entire modeling career, but I am willing and excited to be working for their brand. I know and love their product, like a lot, and am secretly hoping to score a few free...

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Glitta is BACK! Co-Starring the Glitter Eye🌟

Glitter Eye

To clarify, I am talking about the return of the Glitter Eye. But not to be outshined, I’m also talking about myself. During my dance competition days in the late nineties when glitter and bling were king, we were gluing tiny rhinestones on our eyes so we could sparkle like crazy under those bright lights. We felt naked without them. I became obsessed with the shiny stuff and it was super annoying. I sent Christmas cards to friends and family and put a few shakes of glitter inside the fold so when they opened it, it was a dazzling explosion. This was before the convenience of Swiffers. Every shirt I wore had rhinestones on it. I even owned a pair of shimmery pink...

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Beauty Bloom Besties: Exfoliation Station 🐊

Sexy Skin

Spring has sprung and it's time to get rid of that alligator skin! My Exfoliation Station edition of Beauty Bloom Besties has got you covered on the best products for sloughing off all of that tired, dry, wintery ash to get you glowing! I indulge in 2-5 professional facials and spa treatments a year, just to pamper myself. I am a huge fan of at-home facials and skin care and am always trying to find new things to add to my regime. Here are some of my all time favorite skin buffing Beauty Bloom Besties…   Dry Brushing If you are not dry brushing, you must do so ASAP, and everyday. It will add an extra 2 minutes to your beauty routine, before you shower....

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Beyond Basic Bread 🍞

Bread Service

Yep. I love bread so much I put it on my head! There are a few Atlanta restaurants whose baskets full of carbohydrates simply go Beyond Basic Bread service. Those of us who are gluttonous with glutenous treats can delight in these extra special tasties! Here are my top 3 Beyond Basic Bread joints: Marcel This French-inspired Ford Fry spot has the most decadent bread service I have ever experienced. Perfect rounds of pan-fried dough arrives at your table warm and glistening with butter, accompanied by a house made herb cheese spread, black olives, and salumi. It is so rich and delicious, it will truly blow your mind. Serving only one piece per guest, they are extremely dense so it's definitely enough to satisfy, yet so tasty that...

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How To Not Suck At Apologies 😢

How To Not Suck At Apologies

It seems to me that a lot of people hold the belief that if you apologize a lot it means that you’re either “too nice,” a pushover, or you’re admitting defeat. Nothing could be further from the truth. One of the easiest things to do is to give a sincere apology when you’ve acted like a jerk. Here are a few tips on How To Not Suck At Apologies.   “Apologizing is a magic move. Only the hardest of hearts will fail to forgive a person who admits they were wrong. Apology is where behavioral change begins.” -- Marshall Goldsmith   I agree with this, but “I’m sorry” does not have to equal “I’m wrong.” A lot of times we are wrong, but as...

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Know Your Triggers, Change Your Spots 🔫

Know Your Triggers

You have heard the saying, "A leopard never changes its spots." How often are you inspired to make a change in your life? When these little flashes of awakening come, we may have the best intentions to make a lasting change. Perhaps we begin a work out routine, or finally get our workspace organized. But taking the first step is not the change itself. More often then not, we are inconsistent and end up going about things the same way we always have. If you Know Your Triggers, you can Change Your Spots. I’ve often said, “The only thing consistent about me is my inconsistency.” I have started so many projects along the way that have never come to fruition; my...

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Cheap Girl at Heart💰

Cheap Girl at Heart

I have expensive taste but I am a Cheap Girl at Heart. Discounts make my heart sing and paying full retail makes me angry. I have a cute-to-expense ratio that I use while shopping. Let's say I see a sequin blazer and it's on sale, YAY! I put it on my body and if it's a "yes," I check out the price. It used to be $325 and is discounted to $250. Yeah, okay, that's better, but unfortunately it's  s not  "$250 cute." It's only "$150 cute, so for that, I'd take it. But since it's not, I put it back. Easy as that. It's pretty scientific, my cute-to-expense ratio. I love to find less expensive alternatives to designer or brand...

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A Presidential Challenge 🇺🇸

Presidential Challenge

  It's President's Day and in honor of that, I present to you A Presidential Challenge! In the fourth grade, I received A Presidential Challenge: Learn all the presidents of the United States. I accepted this challenge with fervor and it is one of those things that has, for some reason, stuck with me for my entire life. I am proud to be an American and in honor of President's Day I would like to share this with you. I visited Washington DC and was inspired at The Lincoln Memorial. I asked my fiance to record me as the names of our past Presidents of the United States washed over me. And this happened...

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