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Stain Fighting Sorcery 🔮

Stain Fighting Sorcery

As it turns out, I am a wizard. When I was able to fully remove sauce stains from a bowl of green curry that slipped from my hands onto a silk pillow and a Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams chair, it was nothing less that Stain Fighting Sorcery.

It’s a rainy Saturday and I make myself a delicious green curry vegetable bowl for lunch. My husband isn’t home so I’m about to enjoy my curry with a side of Bravo as I’ve got a small window to relax without his unsolicited commentary about “watching that crap.” I’m walking to the couch, and as I do, I hear his voice, “You’re not really going to eat that on our couch are you?” It’s in my head, but it is loud and clear. “Sure am,” I think. Defiant.

I continue strolling to the couch and our dog bolts in front of me. As I stumble, my fork falls out of the bowl. As I try to catch it, the sauce sloshes out over the side all over the pillow. Finally the fork, flying throgh the air in slow motion, lands on top of the saucy pillow which splatters it further onto the chair. Green curry is everywhere.

Now, let me back track. We moved into a brand new home about 2 months ago. We have all new furniture and for the first two weeks, we were obsessed with keeping our home “magazine perfect.” As I was making sure that not an object was out of place, my husband went overboard with Scotchguard-ing every furniture item. Every time I would turn around, he was spraying something down with the famous fabric protector. It was a little much. But then I spilled green curry…

So, while the pillow and the chair had been thoroughly Scotchgarded, it didn’t change the fact that there were huge green stains. In my panic of “Oh, he’s gonna be so pissed,” I ran to get some club soda. I poured it directly on the stains. Then blotted, then more soda, then blotted again. Better, but still not gone. Next I reach for my vintage looking bottle of S-32 Stain Remover.


This sh*t is a true miracle 💩🙌 . I douse the stain with this stuff, let it sit, then rub the stain with a dry cloth. It takes about 3 applications of it, but finally, the stains are gone. Completely gone. Perhaps I have found the magical trifecta of stain fighters?

Starting with the preventative measure of Scotchgard, following with the good old fashioned standby of club soda, and finishing with the miracle that is S-32. I don’t know, but if it could get green curry sauce out of a silk pillow, I figure it can rule the stain-fighting world.

Lesson learned: No curry on the couch. Or anything saucy for that matter. Thank goodness my Stain Fighting Sorcery worked. I just lucked out because somehow I made the right decisions in a stain fighting panic.


I was never here,

Miss Sarah B.


Sarah Blackman © 2017