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Life Styling ⭐️ 7 Topics – Part 7

Life Styling

Life Styling is about the things that we find enjoyment and fulfillment in outside of ourselves. All the things that shape our lives by way of the external: Fitness, travel, play, home, wellness, relationships, and career.

I’ve always kept a “lifestyle look book.” It is a binder full of images that I have collected for over fifteen years (because in the 90’s Pinterest didn’t exist but YM magazine did). The images I’ve collected speak to my sense of longing and enthusiasm for life. They represent the things that I want to experience and the way I see my life from the outside. It was my vision board before The Secret  (Visit The Secretmade that a thing.

My folder of singular bound, clear plastic protected pages (OCD) includes images of entertaining in the home, gorgeous vacation destinations, loving relationships, career women on the go, perfectly glistening gals in the gym (that actually look like they enjoy working out), and a ton of different pics of huge closets with islands in the middle. Apparently this is my personal measure of how I will know that I have “made it,” by having an island filled with drawers in the middle of my super-sized closet.

My look book makes my head hurt sometimes, as some of the ideas battle with each other. Some are resolute, and some are ever changing. My vision for myself is everywhere at once. Inside me lives a country gal, a city mouse, an artist, a businesswoman, the First Lady of family, the free bird, the yogi, and the rebel.

I suppose this is my life’s puzzle to figure out.

Life Styling will cover all of the exterior fantasies that we have about our lives and the down to earth bits about maintaining a healthy, happy, and balanced life.


Live Your Life,

Miss Sarah B.

© Sarah Blackman 2016