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Productive Procrastination⏳

One of my biggest flaws is procrastination. But I’m not a lazy procrastinator, I am a Productive Procrastinator.

When I am writing on a deadline and get a little stuck, you better believe that I am going to rearrange the beverage center in our bar to look more appealing rather than keep pushing on getting my article done. Instead of doing laundry, I’m going to re-organize the silverware drawer that was already pretty organized to begin with. I am constantly doing unimportant things in place of necessary things. What IS that about?

One of my biggest “Gotcha” moments came to me when I decided that a better use of my time was to organize my spare rhinestone collection in my jewelry box then pay bills that were already late. I was literally heading out the door to The Container Store to get tiny plastic containers when I stopped myself.

“What are you doing? You really think it’s going to improve your life if you organize your wayward rhinestones? C’mon sister. Sit down and pay your damn bills!”

I suppose if I feel like I am accomplishing something, anything, then I’m doing okay in life. But my endeavors make no sense sometimes and they don’t help me move the needle on my true goals.

Ever heard of Eating the Frog?


“If it is your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, best to eat the biggest one first.”

– Mark Twain


Well, I don’t eat the frog, I push the frog aside, swear that I’ll eat him later and color coordinate my bookshelf instead. Then when it’s the last possible moment to eat my frog, I’m too depleted from all the nonsensical busy work to take on the frog. I will move that frog onto my list for tomorrow and lather, rinse, and repeat the whole charade again.

I will have shit on my to do list for months because I will continuously shove it off.


Things I procrastinate the hell out of doing (and the current amount of time I have procrastinated said chores/errands/projects):

  • Taking my car to get cleaned (It’s been 9 months)
  • Getting the mail (two weeks)
  • Putting my clean laundry away (I will pull out one washcloth from the dryer each time I take a shower, for at least 10 days)
  • Paying anything on time. (I am grateful that my husband has taken over this duty for me.)
  • Going to the dentist (I will reschedule my appointment 6 or 7 times before I actually get my ass in for a cleaning.)
  • Picking up shoes from shoe repair place (Recently had a pair of sandals that had been sitting there for like 4 months)
  • Taking or picking up laundry from cleaners (I’ll just wear something else)
  • Picking up dog poop in the back yard (it’s been like 4 months. I finally called a service to come do it for me because it was too overwhelming and gross. And yes, that’s a thing! A pooper scooper service!)
  • Changing a lightbulb that has gone out. (I can see fine in the dark.)

And lastly, taking my Christmas decorations down. They are still up. It’s my project for today but I’ll probably end up testing out my colorful Sharpies to see which ones have dried out instead.

I’m kidding, but you feel me.

I’m determined and committed to improving this little flaw of mine this year. I’ll let you know how it goes (in about 7 months).


Here’s to Getting Shit (important shit) Done,

Miss Sarah B.


Sarah Blackman © 2018