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Patcher or Puller? ⚓️

Row Your Patched Boat

If life is the sea and we are a boat, then are you a Patcher or Puller?

We have all experienced emotional traumas that color our emotional intellect. We are all a little damaged. Our boats have a hole in them. Some larger than others, but there all the same.

Some of us patch our boat and some of us pull our boat.

Patchers get in there and do the hard work it requires to patch their boats up so that water cannot sink them. The patch requires continuous maintenance as a small crack may turn into a bigger hole, but they get to it before it becomes the size of the original hole. And sometimes, they get to a place where the patch no longer requires any heavy maintenance and they are truly free to float along merrily down the stream.

Pullers jump ship. They get on the fastest speedboat they can find. Yet they can’t abandon their original boat, so they tow it along making sure to go SO fast that no water can get into their hole. It flies along behind them at Mach speeds. They can never stop and their original boat will never unhitch. It is extra weight that will always be, unless they ditch the speedboat and patch it up. Pullers go, go, go because it’s too painful to stop and feel.

I believe we should all aspire to be Patchers. Our emotional health is our responsibly and the only way that we can make someone else happy is to make ourselves happy first, at our core. Everyone’s journey is different. But the sooner we can get to the crux of our deep emotional wounds which have created automatic negative responses that don’t serve us any longer, the sooner we can start to lighten our cargo and free ourselves of our past that we wearily tow along.

Look deep, feel it, release it, then patch up that hole.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.


patcher or puller

Row Your Patched Boat,

Miss Sarah B.


Sarah Blackman © 2017