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The Mean Lean Marg🍹

mean lean marg

It’s National Margarita Day and I want to celebrate by sharing my Mean Lean Marg recipe with you!

It’s Mean because it’s got a slight spicy kick, and it’s Lean because it has the least amount of calories any margarita could possibly have. This I promise you! You can take the calories out of a margarita but you can’t take the margarita away from the girl! Er, something like that. So here’s the skinny on this delish lean libation:

Super Lean Lime & Chili Margarita (around 80 calories)

This margarita is truly a rare gem – both big in flavor and extra light in calories! The Tajin rim is the jazz hands on this drink and the smoothness of a high quality tequila (such as my fav – Patron silver) makes it dangerously drinkable.

  • 1 0z of Patron Silver
  • Juice of 1 1/2 lime (about 1.5 0z)
  • 1-2 0z water (or sparkling if you’d like to add a little fizz)
  • Tajin (A chili-lime seasoning)
  • Liquid stevia drops (3-4 small drops) *My favorite brand is SweetLeaf

First, spread a little Tajin on a small plate. Next, sweep a juicy lime wedge around the top rim of your glass and dab top of glass around in the spice to create a delicious chili-lime rim. Set aside.

In a separate glass, add ice, Patron, lime juice, water, and stevia. Give it a quick stir and gently transfer to your rimmed glass. Careful not to disturb the Tajin rim – it’s the best part!

Enjoy! Drink responsibly and if you have a margarita emergency call 9 Juan Juan.😉

Tequila may not solve your problems, but it’s worth a shot.

Miss Sarah B.


Sarah Blackman © 2018