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Decadent Desserts

As a slender girl with a serious sweet tooth, I have a tendency to pick out my dessert before I select my entrée when dining out. I have surely had soup for dinner to ensure that I have enough room and calories to spare in order to indulge in my favorite dessert. Provisional priorities. Here are some of my favorite desserts from Atlanta area eateries that are well worth skipping dinner over.

1. Joey D’s Oak Room: Key Lime Pie

Cool, creamy, smooth, and tart. If you like key lime pie, REAL key lime pie, this will be your jam. This is not the frothy, feathery imitation; this is the real deal. It is dense in consistency and the crust is graham cracker buttery deliciousness. Imported from Key West, cuz that’s how Joey D. rolls.

2. Nahm Thai Cuisine: Coconut Cake

Chef Nahm has created a coconut cake masterpiece. This confection is the cream of the crop. The portion is huge but the cake itself is light as air. It is not too rich, nor too sweet. It is perfectly balanced. Fluffy layers of cream and coconut lie in between airy sheets of cake. This cake is simply divine.

3. Atlanta Fish Market: Chocolate Toffee Crunch Pie

Oh my God. This pie is pure decadence. It is the richest bite you will ever experience. It starts with an Oreo crust filled with dense chocolate silk that is generously covered by toffee pieces and caramel sauce. It is a luscious bite that is both sweet and salty. This excessively indulgent treat is extremely rich and perfect for sharing.

4. Mambo Jambo Cafe: Shot Glass Bread Pudding

They have a full sized version of this dessert but the proportions aren’t quite right, as there is not enough of the delicious rum sauce to sufficiently drench the dessert. You must order their mini shot glass size for maximum tastiness. The rum sauce makes it; it’s spicy, buttery, and decadent. This bread pudding is the perfect 6 bites!

5. Zola Italian Bistro: Cannoli

The entire shell on this cannoli is chocolate dipped. They import the shells from Italy and the ricotta cream is made in house. The layers of flavor and texture in this delicious dessert just keep crashing the party on your tongue. Chocolate, butter, cinnamon, sweet ricotta cream, and the slightest hint of lemon: all of the flavors come together for a sweet sensory experience. This cannoli will not disappoint.

 © Sarah Blackman 2014