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Stain Fighting Sorcery 🔮

Stain Fighting Sorcery

As it turns out, I am a wizard. When I was able to fully remove sauce stains from a bowl of green curry that slipped from my hands onto a silk pillow and a Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams chair, it was nothing less that Stain Fighting Sorcery. It's a rainy Saturday and I make myself a delicious green curry vegetable bowl for lunch. My husband isn't home so I'm about to enjoy my curry with a side of Bravo as I've got a small window to relax without his unsolicited commentary about "watching that crap." I'm walking to the couch, and as I do, I hear his voice, "You're not really going to eat that on our couch are you?" It's in...

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Cheap Girl at Heart💰

Cheap Girl at Heart

I have expensive taste but I am a Cheap Girl at Heart. Discounts make my heart sing and paying full retail makes me angry. I have a cute-to-expense ratio that I use while shopping. Let's say I see a sequin blazer and it's on sale, YAY! I put it on my body and if it's a "yes," I check out the price. It used to be $325 and is discounted to $250. Yeah, okay, that's better, but unfortunately it's  s not  "$250 cute." It's only "$150 cute, so for that, I'd take it. But since it's not, I put it back. Easy as that. It's pretty scientific, my cute-to-expense ratio. I love to find less expensive alternatives to designer or brand...

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Life Styling ⭐️ 7 Topics – Part 7

Life Styling

Life Styling is about the things that we find enjoyment and fulfillment in outside of ourselves. All the things that shape our lives by way of the external: Fitness, travel, play, home, wellness, relationships, and career. I’ve always kept a “lifestyle look book.” It is a binder full of images that I have collected for over fifteen years (because in the 90's Pinterest didn’t exist but YM magazine did). The images I've collected speak to my sense of longing and enthusiasm for life. They represent the things that I want to experience and the way I see my life from the outside. It was my vision board before The Secret  (Visit The Secret) made that a thing. My folder of singular bound, clear plastic...

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Bullseye Binging and Purging

Bullseye Binging:  The act of buying multiple extraneous items to facilitate that garden party that you will never, ever throw, when you went in (to Target) with the sole intent to, for once, stick to your list and buy only those items that you truly need. I have a problem. I pop into Target with a list consisting of paper clips, a tri-colored printer cartridge, toilet paper, and a birthday card for my nephew. I come out with those listed items plus a cake pop maker, fluorescent knee socks, votive candleholders, a giant strawberry Lip Smacker, a ceramic pitcher for iced tea (that I am definitely going to start drinking instead of soda, it’s just that I have never had the proper...

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