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Productive Procrastination⏳

One of my biggest flaws is procrastination. But I’m not a lazy procrastinator, I am a Productive Procrastinator. When I am writing on a deadline and get a little stuck, you better believe that I am going to rearrange the beverage center in our bar to look more appealing rather than keep pushing on getting my article done. Instead of doing laundry, I’m going to re-organize the silverware drawer that was already pretty organized to begin with. I am constantly doing unimportant things in place of necessary things. What IS that about? One of my biggest “Gotcha” moments came to me when I decided that a better use of my time was to organize my spare rhinestone collection in my jewelry box...

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Patcher or Puller? ⚓️

Row Your Patched Boat

If life is the sea and we are a boat, then are you a Patcher or Puller? We have all experienced emotional traumas that color our emotional intellect. We are all a little damaged. Our boats have a hole in them. Some larger than others, but there all the same. Some of us patch our boat and some of us pull our boat. Patchers get in there and do the hard work it requires to patch their boats up so that water cannot sink them. The patch requires continuous maintenance as a small crack may turn into a bigger hole, but they get to it before it becomes the size of the original hole. And sometimes, they get to a place where the...

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Know Your Triggers, Change Your Spots 🔫

Know Your Triggers

You have heard the saying, "A leopard never changes its spots." How often are you inspired to make a change in your life? When these little flashes of awakening come, we may have the best intentions to make a lasting change. Perhaps we begin a work out routine, or finally get our workspace organized. But taking the first step is not the change itself. More often then not, we are inconsistent and end up going about things the same way we always have. If you Know Your Triggers, you can Change Your Spots. I’ve often said, “The only thing consistent about me is my inconsistency.” I have started so many projects along the way that have never come to fruition; my...

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Heart and Soul with Sprinkles 🙏

Heart and Soul with Sprinkles

I had a craft day with God and a phrase revealed itself to me that fully encapsulated the essence of Fat Girl at Heart: Heart and Soul with Sprinkles. I’ll get to what this means in a bit, but first let me explain how this came upon me. I am working through a creative course called The Artist's Way. There are two non-negotiable creative exercises during this program. The first is the Morning Pages. You must write out three pages, longhand, in your stream of consciousness every morning. The pages don’t have to be anything or become anything. They don’t need to be poetic or important. They can literally just be a long list of gripes or gibberish. But you have...

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New Year, Same You🎐

New Year, Same You

Ugh. New Year, New You! How many times do you hear this the first few weeks of January? #TiredOldSayings. I say, New Year, Same You! This year is going to be different!  You are finally going to read more, watch less, workout everyday, eat organic, file your receipts, cook more at home, journal, volunteer, learn to meditate, spend more time with your kids, make more time for yourself, finish that woodworking project that has been sitting in your garage for 3 years, get organized, travel more, spend less, learn a new language, take a dance class, clean out your inbox, try a new hair do, and rule the world. F*&% that. It’s too much pressure. We like to think the promise of a...

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Inspiration Station✨ 7 Topics Revealed – Part 5

Inspiration Station

Inspiration Station is my cozy corner of creativity and spirituality. I believe that our spiritual sides are strongly connected to creativity. Consider Inspiration Station an ever-changing vision board, a place of influence and illumination.   "Making a vision board is like having a craft day with God." -Jen Sincelo   I am consistently in awe at how many musing moments pop up in my life. It’s in the little things, quick moments, and thoughtful words where I find my sparks. In me, they create a call to action. I have a brain that pings constantly. I draw big ideas from these little inspirations, whether it’s a story to write, a revelation about a better way to manage my life, or a pleasing aesthetic. I am always snapping...

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My Year as an Owl

My year as an Owl. Immediately following high school graduation, there are a lot of questions. The most pressing inquiry to me was that which came from my peers and the parents of all of my graduating classmates; “Where are you going to college?”  They didn’t know whether or not I was serious when I retorted, “I don’t know yet. I’m waiting to hear from Kennesaw State University, but if that’s a no-go then I am moving to Las Vegas to become a showgirl.” Graduating and being uncertain about where I would be attending college felt less than stellar. I wasn’t even sure that college was the course that I wanted to take, but everyone else was doing it and I thought...

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Smoking Crayons – Part II 🖍

My passion for dance kept my need for cigarettes at bay until the age of fifteen. It was then that I upgraded from crayons to full-flavored Winstons. My parents smoked them, so one evening I discreetly snatch a pack and take them to a party. I was (not) the coolest because I brought cigarettes to this party. My friends and I experiment with the Winston cigs but they are super harsh. Who do we think we are, Nascar drivers? Experiencing this cigarette buzz for the first time is unforgettable. As our first inhale comes, the coughing ensues. It’s pretty sexy. Puff, hack, hack, gorble, hack. Cool. Let’s take another drag! I feel so lightheaded that it’s kind of exhilarating. It feels as...

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Smoking Crayons – Part 1 🖍

My love affair with cigarettes began at age six. In the mid-eighties, I lived in a ‘70s-style contemporary rental home.  It had a severe sloped roof, rough cedar board siding, dookie brown shag carpet, and a fixed wooden ladder that led to a loft space in the living room. Hippy Dippy. My family would spend hours in that living room entertaining their friends and our immediate relatives. They would all lounge about the L-shaped burnt orange velour couch (a fab color combo with the carpet) to smoke their extra long cigarettes, drink beverages, and talk for hours. My brother Michael is ten years older than me so, being a teenager, he was allowed to stay and comingle with the adults. I was...

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