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Sausage, Onion, & White Bean Bisque 🍲

Onions may make you cry, but this dairy-free creamy Sausage, Onion, & White Bean Bisque won't disappoint! I love a good onion soup, but they never really fill me up. To feel like I'm getting meal out of a bowl of soup, I need it to be chunky with protein. I always wish that my onion soups were creamy but since I'm sensitive to dairy, I need for it to be dairy-free. So, I started daydreaming about making a creamy onion soup that was dairy free AND full of protein. Whoa. I put on my chef hat and started tinkering around in the kitchen. I came up with this delish dairy-free Sausage, Onion, & White Bean Bisque. It's a delightful creamy and chunky bisque. I fed...

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The Mean Lean Marg🍹

mean lean marg

It's National Margarita Day and I want to celebrate by sharing my Mean Lean Marg recipe with you! It's Mean because it's got a slight spicy kick, and it's Lean because it has the least amount of calories any margarita could possibly have. This I promise you! You can take the calories out of a margarita but you can't take the margarita away from the girl! Er, something like that. So here's the skinny on this delish lean libation: Super Lean Lime & Chili Margarita (around 80 calories) This margarita is truly a rare gem - both big in flavor and extra light in calories! The Tajin rim is the jazz hands on this drink and the smoothness of a high quality tequila (such as...

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Luscious Lemon Pie 🍋

Lemon Pie

I'm sharing the the easiest pie in the world to make - my Luscious Lemon Pie! No baking, minimal mess, and hardly any time spent in the kitchen. People will think you are a pie wizard. You'll feel like a fraud when everyone is fawning over how amazing this pie is and you barely did a thing! This pie is like if a key lime pie and a lemon ice box pie had a baby. 🍋🥧 + 🍈🥧 = 🍰✨ Trust me, even if you think you don’t like citrusy desserts, you will like this. It's creamy and delicious with a mellow citrus finish. Luscious Lemon Pie Recipe: 1 Keebler Graham Cracker crust (I prefer the one with 2 extra servings) 14 oz sweet...

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Leanest Libations 🍹

In honor of Cinco De Mayo 🇮🇹 AND beach season, I present you with the Leanest Libations in all of the land! A skinny mini margarita, a fun and frothy alternative to the calorie-offensive pina colada, and a fabulous beach day drink that will keep you tipsy and hydrated at the same time! Drink up, my friends! #CincoDeDrinko 🍈 Super Lean Lime & Chili Margarita (90 calories ) This margarita is truly a rare gem. Both big in flavor and extra light in calories. You can't make a margarita with less calories than this! Not possible. The chili-lime rim gives it the kick it needs and the smoothness of a high quality tequila (such as my fav - Patron silver) makes it dangerously drinkable. #MargaritaMama 1 0z of...

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Beyond Basic Bread 🍞

Bread Service

Yep. I love bread so much I put it on my head! There are a few Atlanta restaurants whose baskets full of carbohydrates simply go Beyond Basic Bread service. Those of us who are gluttonous with glutenous treats can delight in these extra special tasties! Here are my top 3 Beyond Basic Bread joints: Marcel This French-inspired Ford Fry spot has the most decadent bread service I have ever experienced. Perfect rounds of pan-fried dough arrives at your table warm and glistening with butter, accompanied by a house made herb cheese spread, black olives, and salumi. It is so rich and delicious, it will truly blow your mind. Serving only one piece per guest, they are extremely dense so it's definitely enough to satisfy, yet so tasty that...

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Favorite Morning Nosh ☀️

It’s time for a healthy breakfast! Here is my Favorite Morning Nosh; an extremely energizing treat. Add ½ to 1 cup of berries with a poached egg on the side and you are off and running with a full tank of nutrition. Go, you! Avocado Ezekiel Toast w/ Pomegranate Seeds *Ezekiel bread is a sprouted grain loaf and can be found in the freezer section. It may take some getting used to, but this bread is super satisfying. You wont be jonesing for a mid-morning snack as soon as you would with eating any other type of processed grain bread. Plus the combo of fiber from the avocado and protein from the egg will keep you feeling satisfied much, much longer! What you will need: - 1...

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National Bittersweet Chocolate Day 🍫

National Bittersweet Chocolate Day

That’s right, it’s National Bittersweet Chocolate Day! I kid you not. Most of us love to delight in a decadent chocolate treat whether it’s candy, cakes, or pastries. In honor of this sweet day, I am going to share my most coveted treats with you. They exist all around Atlanta, including one OTP eatery. Today seems like a fine day to celebrate and take a cocoa covered foodie tour! Happy National Bittersweet Chocolate Day! The Most Amazing Pie Ever in the Entire Universe Atlanta Fish Market has created one of the most incredible things you will ever eat, this I promise you. The Chocolate Toffee Crunch Pie came into my life about 5 years ago and I have never been the same. The layers...

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Foodie in Me🍕 7 Topics Revealed – Part 2

While it’s true that Fat Girl at Heart is about being a big-hearted gaI, it is also about my love of a tasty nosh; The Foodie In Me. I am enamored with food. I love snacks, savories, and sweet treats. When I am eating breakfast, I am thinking about lunch. When I am eating lunch, I am thinking about dinner. Interesting flavor profiles make my heart sing and I adore a satisfying culinary adventure. I love both sides of the coin when it comes to a delish diet. I delight in the healthy and relish in the unhealthy. I find balance in portions. I eat anything, just not everything. I love to look at, read about, talk about, and cook food. I remember...

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Enlightened Nostalgic Noshes🍦

enlightened nostalgic noshes

Sometimes when I need comfort food or I'm feeling nostalgic, I crave some of my favorite childhood sweets. When my inner child's sweet tooth gets a hold of me, it can be difficult to control the impulse to indulge. One thing is true, I never feel bad if I make the smartest choice. So I have enlightened a couple of my all time favs like PB&J, S'mores, and Banana cream pie! I like to opt for a light bite rather than the whole sandwich or slice of pie. The adult in me feels proud for taking control in a moment of strong craving while still having the satisfaction of a nostalgic nosh. Peanut Butter & Jelly (165 calories) This is a childhood...

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Sneaky Snacks

It's a new year and many of us set nutritional goals as a means to shed those extra pounds stubbornly hanging around after the holidays. Let me share with you an article I wrote about some "Sneaky Snacks" that may be undermining your weight-loss goals. Please click the link:  Sneaky Snacks         © Hope For Women Magazine 2014  ...

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