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Flight of The Sexy Bees 🐝

Flight of the Sexy Bees

Halloween used to be my thing, in a big way. I took it seriously and went all out. I would start brainstorming on my costume in August, researching and planning in September, and executing in October before the big day. Dress rehearsals, trial runs, you know. I would have things custom made and scour stores for the coolest accessories. Never did I ever wear a costume from a bag; that was for amateurs. I loved Halloween, but then something happened...

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Fashion Passion 👠 7 Topics Revealed – Part 6

Fashion Passion

(Photo: Lou Freeman, Makeup: Stephen Moleski, Hair: Steve Hightower, Styling: Sarah Blackman)   Fashion Passion is where we play dress up!     “You always made it work. I was always looking forward to seeing what you put on your body when you were a little girl. You still make it work!”         -- My Mom     Sure, she is biased, but she’s right. She always is. From a very young age, I was consumed with fashion and expressing my creativity through dressing myself. I was always poring over my mothers’ fashion magazines and raiding her meticulously stylish closet to experiment with some of the spectacular looks that inspired me. Dress up was my full time job. I managed to turn my love of dress up into a...

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Summer Sartorial Sampling

Summer time is a fun time to play with bold fashions. Here are some samples to try out with reckless abandon, no censoring. Anyone can be a fashion ‘do’ with some variation of these hot summer trends. Heavy Petaling – Summer is here and sweet florals live on. This secret garden is full of high fashion potential! A light colored pant with a floral top will make you pop! A pair of pretty printed pants will make you want to dance! Or you can go all out and rock a bold floral frock, a dress to impress! Whatever you choose, you simply can’t lose. Florals are fun, flattering, and fashionable.                 Chunky Monkey – Statement pieces are still king. Chunky pieces rule and...

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