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Egg on your Face 🍳

egg on your face

An Egg on your Face a day keeps the pores away! That's right, a light layer of egg whites applied to your mean mug is refreshing, pore reducing, and skin tightening! Ever since I saw Whitley Gilbert on A Different World whip up her nightly egg white facial, I was intrigued. Her skin looked great, so I figured there must be something to a little Egg on your Face. After my first egg facial, I was amazed at how my skin looked. It was the good kind of shiny and nearly pore-less! Now every time time I give myself at-home facials, I always finish with an egg white mask. **Get my favorite all-natural facial recipes here There are no cumulative effects of egg whites on our skin. it simply delivers a...

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Boy Band Curls 🙅

boy band curls

The latest ladies hairstyle is driving me crazy! The way that we are curling our hair is what I like to call "Boy Band Curls." Because they twist in One Direction! After the laborious curling process and the stylish shake out, the curls look nice but once they settle, they end up melding into one big curl. It's worse than the Farrah Fawcett. At least the snazzy short layers on that style made it interesting.     It's taken me a while to master to the whole "curling while holding one end of my hair near the scalding hot wand without burning the ever living sh*t out of my fingers" thing. Enduringly I persevered and I've finally got it down. Once I can put my...

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Beauty Bloom Besties: Exfoliation Station 🐊

Sexy Skin

Spring has sprung and it's time to get rid of that alligator skin! My Exfoliation Station edition of Beauty Bloom Besties has got you covered on the best products for sloughing off all of that tired, dry, wintery ash to get you glowing! I indulge in 2-5 professional facials and spa treatments a year, just to pamper myself. I am a huge fan of at-home facials and skin care and am always trying to find new things to add to my regime. Here are some of my all time favorite skin buffing Beauty Bloom Besties…   Dry Brushing If you are not dry brushing, you must do so ASAP, and everyday. It will add an extra 2 minutes to your beauty routine, before you shower....

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Beauty Bloom💋 7 Topics Revealed – Part 3

Beauty Bloom

Beauty Bloom is like Barbie’s Dream House to Fat Girl at Heart; dedicated to all things beautiful, it’s an encouragement to put our best foot forward. Whether it’s skin-care, beauty tips, favorite products, design, or home décor, we will play with it here. Beauty Bloom is my digital look book; a place to primp and polish ourselves. I am a very visual person and I have a deep appreciation for harmonious aesthetics both in my personal style and my home environment. I am a skin-care addict and product junkie. Over the years I have tested and accumulated many tips and tricks on maintaining oneself, both inside and out. By the same token, I am constantly changing things around in my house in order...

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You Poor, Pore Thing!

This is I. Extreme close-up. All natural. No makeup, natural light, no filters or retouching (*gasp) and my best RBF (Resting Bitch Face). For the most part, I do alright in the skin department. I have sensitive skin that needs tender loving care. I battle with slight redness and blotchiness, but I am blessed to not have to buck up against dark circles, hyper-pigmentation, or severe breakouts. I take care of myself and believe that great skin starts with proper rest, hydration, and nutrition. As an actress and model, I never know when my next paycheck will come along and I do not like to spend money on facials or any other fancy spa treatments. I keep it simple and inexpensive...

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Style Solutions

Style Solutions: 5 beauty trends to leave behind in 2015 It’s a new year and it should be a new you. The time has come to let go of some of the beauty trends that are no longer serving you and your fabulous self. Say it with me, this year I resolve to let go of the following beauty trends… 1) Almond-Talon Nails. If your talons could talk, they would hiss and squawk. They are over and they need to die. And speaking of death, those claws are dangerous. It’s a shocker that you haven’t gouged out your own eyes or sliced open your sweetheart when he asked for a back rub. Let’s take them down a notch and file to a nice soft oval...

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Being Budget Beautiful

Beauty products will always be an important expense that we cannot pluck from our lives completely. Lets look at some ways that we can prolong the life of our favorite products in order to keep our wallets a little fatter. Ca-ching! 1. Longer Lipstick Life. You have gotten to the end of your lipstick, but don’t you dare throw it away! Get yourself to The Container Store, STAT, and get a small round pillbox with a screw off top. Scoop out the remnants of your lipstick with a makeup spatula or the small end of a chopstick. Now you can apply it with a lip brush. You would be surprised just how many applications this will allow. Mix in a little Vaseline and...

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