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Being Budget Beautiful

Beauty products will always be an important expense that we cannot pluck from our lives completely. Lets look at some ways that we can prolong the life of our favorite products in order to keep our wallets a little fatter. Ca-ching!

1. Longer Lipstick Life.

You have gotten to the end of your lipstick, but don’t you dare throw it away!
Get yourself to The Container Store, STAT, and get a small round pillbox with a screw off top. Scoop out the remnants of your lipstick with a makeup spatula or the small end of a chopstick. Now you can apply it with a lip brush. You would be surprised just how many applications this will allow. Mix in a little Vaseline and wah-lah! You have just turned your favorite lipstick into your new favorite lip gloss.

** E.S.T. (Extra Secret Tip) If you use MAC brand, you can trade in 6 empty cosmetic containers and receive a free lipstick in return for your recycling!

2. Lengthen Lotion you Love.

We all have experienced that expensive lotion that we absolutely adore using for the month but once it’s gone, we vow to go back to our old standby because it’s simply too pricey to keep purchasing. Have no fear, CeraVe is here! My lotion indulgence is Pure Fiji. At $34 a pop, I had to come up with a cost effective solution to justify the purchase. CeraVe makes a great mixer with any lotion. It’s like the club soda of lotions; it’ll mix well with anything. It is lightweight and inexpensive. Funnel out half of your expensive lotion into another bottle and funnel or pump in the CeraVe to essentially create two bottles of your favorite lotion!

**E.S.T. If your lotion gets stuck in the funnel, move it along with a chopstick. These are FREE at your favorite Chinese restaurant. You saver, you.

3. Sugar Scrub Stretch.

That pricey exfoliant taunts you from the corner of your tub and you only use it on special occasions when you want your skin to be extra smooth. Not anymore! You can have smooth skin everyday (Insert infomercial here). Scoop out half of the scrub into another container and save your coffee grounds from your French press or coffee maker. Strain the grounds of all water, add them to your scrub and mix well with a chopstick. Clearly you should keep a pair of chopsticks at your vanity as they are the beauty staple you didn’t know you needed. You will have to collect many days worth of coffee grounds to fill the remainder of your jar. It will get a little messy, but your shower time food fight will leave your skin invigorated and super soft. I have found no better body exfoliant than coffee grounds. Trust.

**E.S.T. The caffeine in the coffee is known help smooth the appearance of cellulite. Bonus.

4. Self-Tanner Spread Out.

You have gotten yourself a luxurious self-tanning lotion and you’ve ended up all streaky! Here’s the fix: Mix a little bit of lotion with your golden goo. Not only will this remedy the striped look, it will also dramatically cut down on how much you use. Thus extending the life of your fake tan, you golden goddess. Just pump some lotion in your hand with the self-tanner, mix well, then apply.

**E.S.T. For a shimmery glow for a night out on the town, mix a little Scott Barnes Body Bling with some lotion and slather it on. This is not a self-tanner but it will give you a sexy shimmer with some added color for an extra special bronzed luster.

Be a Budget Beautiful Fat Girl at Heart.

Because nothing is sexier than a big-hearted gal with a fat wallet.

© Sarah Blackman 2014