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Egg on your Face šŸ³

egg on your face

AnĀ Egg on your FaceĀ a day keeps the pores away! That’s right, a light layer of egg whites applied to your mean mug isĀ refreshing, pore reducing, and skin tightening!

Ever sinceĀ I saw Whitley Gilbert on A Different WorldĀ whip up her nightly egg white facial, I was intrigued.

a different world

Her skin looked great, so I figured there must beĀ something to a little Egg on your Face. After my first egg facial, I was amazed at how my skin looked. It was the good kind of shiny and nearly pore-less! Now every time time I give myself at-home facials, I always finish with an egg white mask.

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There are no cumulative effects of egg whites on our skin. it simply delivers a temporary tightening of the pores which makes your skin feel baby smooth and super fresh.

Even though it’s a simple little recipe, I still find that I would only call on it for special occasions where I wanted my skin to look it’s absolute best. For some reason, cracking an egg, whipping it up, and applying to my face seemsĀ too fussyĀ for everyday maintenance, but I’ve found an easier way to get this glow on the daily —

I present to you the brilliance of egg whites IN a facial soap!Ā This unique facial bar from Sweden contains egg whites, rose water and lanolin.Ā Buy here:Lanolin-Agg-Tval Facial Bar

egg on your face

After washing my face with a PH balanced cleanser, I like to lather this wonder bar up and apply it to my face. Then I leave it on for the remainder of my shower to let it work it’s magic. A nice cool rinse to finish, and my face is glowing and super smooth! So try a little Egg on your Face; it’s eggcelent!


egg on your face

Be Eggceptional!

Miss Sarah B.


Sarah BlackmanĀ Ā© 2018