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Boy Band Curls 🙅

boy band curls

The latest ladies hairstyle is driving me crazy! The way that we are curling our hair is what I like to call “Boy Band Curls.” Because they twist in One Direction!

After the laborious curling process and the stylish shake out, the curls look nice but once they settle, they end up melding into one big curl. It’s worse than the Farrah Fawcett. At least the snazzy short layers on that style made it interesting.


farrah fawcett


It’s taken me a while to master to the whole “curling while holding one end of my hair near the scalding hot wand without burning the ever living sh*t out of my fingers” thing. Enduringly I persevered and I’ve finally got it down.

Once I can put my arms down and my shoulder muscles stop vibrating from overuse, I shake my head furiously, spray a little Elnett (which is the BEST hairspray of all time – especially for the gals who don’t wash their hair everyday. You can easily brush through it and restyle the next day. No residue) and I’m out the door. Later I look in the mirror to find that my sassy, separated curls have turned into one big curl on each side of my face.😡


boy band curls


I’ve been playing with changing up the direction of the curls and this creates a nice varied silhouette. I have also found that this amazing product from Oribe does a brilliant job in keeping the curls separated plus it gives you incredible volume. Their Dry Texturizing Spray is the JAM. It is pricey, but worth every penny – I promise.


boy band curls


I will continue to experiment leaving my Boy Band Curls in the dust. I miss a curling iron with a clamp and good old-fashioned white hot plastic rollers with a wax interior. Those were the days.




Primpin’ Aint Easy,

Miss Sarah B.


Sarah Blackman © 2016