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Beauty Bloom💋 7 Topics Revealed – Part 3

Beauty Bloom

Beauty Bloom is like Barbie’s Dream House to Fat Girl at Heart; dedicated to all things beautiful, it’s an encouragement to put our best foot forward. Whether it’s skin-care, beauty tips, favorite products, design, or home décor, we will play with it here.

Beauty Bloom is my digital look book; a place to primp and polish ourselves. I am a very visual person and I have a deep appreciation for harmonious aesthetics both in my personal style and my home environment. I am a skin-care addict and product junkie. Over the years I have tested and accumulated many tips and tricks on maintaining oneself, both inside and out.

By the same token, I am constantly changing things around in my house in order to find the perfect place for decor to live. I need for my home to be a sanctuary and I strive for a beautiful balance of design. I’m a total novice but I love to decorate in a way that reflects my quirky yet classy tone.

I hope that you will enjoy Beauty Bloom! I know I will have a blast sharing all of my beauty secrets with you.

“Inner Beauty is great but a little mascara never hurts.”


Be Stunning,

Miss Sarah B.

© Sarah Blackman 2015