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New Year, Same You ๐ŸŽ†

New Year Same You

Ugh. New Year, New You! How many times do you hear/think this the first few weeks of January? I say, New Year, Same You! You know how it goes, you think: This year is going to be different! ย You are finally going to read more, watch less, workout everyday, eat organic, file your receipts, cook more at home, journal, volunteer, learn to meditate, spend more time with your kids, make more time for yourself, finish that woodworking project that has been sitting in your garage for 3 years, get organized, travel more, spend less, learn a new language, take a dance class, clean out your inbox, try a new hair do, and rule the world. F*&% that. Itโ€™s too much pressure. We...

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