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Tom Selleck Turns 71! ๐Ÿ’‹

Tom Selleck

Today is a special day. On this day, 71 years ago, Tom Selleck was brought into this world! A celebration must be had because Tom Selleck is my jam, man. Everyday when I walk into my office, I am greeted by the above black and white picture of Tom Selleck. It hangs framed on my wall right next to Marilyn Monroe and Karl Lagerfeld #FriendGoals. I have had a healthy, totally normal, not weird at all obsession with Olโ€™ Tommy since his Magnum PI Days. I'm super excited to celebrate Tom Selleck! Join me in the journey to pay homage toย the sexieist man on the face of the planet, won't you? Indulge me, you'll have a laugh.   Here is Tom as a...

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